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Affordable bespoke websites

Working from home, my overheads are minimal, which means I'm able to offer a really affordable web design service. I benchmark my prices against other providers, to ensure Rugby Web Design stays competitively priced.

Let's take a look at your other options...

Before we compare prices, lets take a brief look at other web designer options. Price-wise, I sit somewhere between a self-build and the 'national network' model. Longer term, my prices become more competitive as I don't charge ongoing subscriptions for the life of the website.

Custom built website developer Wix or Wordpress

A self-build website

Great for a hobby project, but a 'self-build' won’t ever give a business a professional image.

These drag-n-drop website builders generate very poor back-end code, which can lead to serious performance issues or errors.

Can you afford to spend many frustrating days away from your core business role trying to do it yourself?

Affordable web design service

The national network

Some web design companies form part of a national network or franchise model.

Some flood the internet with a website for every town, giving the impression of being local to you, but the reality can be quite different.

You'll be dealing with a sales agent, as the people building the website are likely to be a very long distance away.

Web designer based in Rugby Warwickshire

Pro marketing agency

There will be a whole team of 'creatives' working on your project, each bringing their own specialisms to the different stages of the project design and build.

Granted, you'll get a fantastic website, but the fee will be eye watering.

These companies are really best suited to those requiring specialist website functionality.

Price Comparison

Brief: "8-page brochure website with blog and content management".

Prices correct Summer 2018.

First Year

Following Years

Self-Build Website

£75 - £750
+ Your Time

£75 - £750
+ Your Time

Rugby Web Design



National Network / Franchise



Pro Design Agency

£1,200 - £2,400

£150 - £200

Let's get working!
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