Websites crafted in Warwickshire

Case Study

Completely Water & Drinks


Completely Water are a Rugby based supplier to the hospitality and catering industry. They supply everything from Paper Napkins to a state-of-the-art Barista Coffee Machines.

Outdated website(s)

Completely Water had an old Godaddy 'self-build' website. This was not mobile-friendly and suffered from poor SEO. More concerning was the self-built website lacked the credibility/professionalism that Completely Water desired.

Poor shopping experience

There was also a separate online shop, but this had generated minimal business. I identified the problem was that the shop was on a separate domain, plus it was visually very different to their main website. Furthermore, the checkout took the user to a third website, causing even more uncertainty in their customers minds.

Completely Water - old website

New eCommerce website

It was clear that a new single eCommerce website was required. This would give the business a far more credible online presence, and showcase products and services on a single domain.

Automated content

The website has been built to automatically display (or hide) certain elements of content depending on the product category.

Inventory management

The website also keeps track of stock inventory, ensuring purchases of out-of-stock items cannot be made.

Responsive websites

Uncluttered design

A clean uncluttered design was chosen, ensuring that the website looked consistent, this was important with such a large range of product types.

A clean page layouts

A clean layout design was chosen, turning the focus onto the products, rather than the company.

Search engine optimisation

The website has been optimised, to ensure search engines such as Google can easily understand the content and rank the website higher in search results.

Completely Water - new website